Our Story


  • If you were looking for an exceptional company that makes really high-end jewelry with ethical and responsible practices, you just found it! We have a selected group of mega-skilled artisans who are capable of creating that piece of jewelry of your dreams.

Your Jewelry tells a Story.
It signifies style. Speaks to your passions.
And connects you to who you love the most.
Discover the Story of Bellezza an exquisite Heritage
brand powered by Innovation.


  • BELLEZZA is a fine jewelry brand has grown to become a globally trusted and respected player in the Moissanite Jewelry Industry over the last decade. BELLEZZA Offers Beautiful Engagement Rings, Matching Wedding Bands, Necklaces, Earrings & other Jewelry coupled with certified Moissanite Diamonds, all at an extraordinary value alongside providing rich buying experience. We are creating a difference in a way by encouraging Love moments and dream proposals marking hundreds BELLEZZA couples and counting. We at BELLEZZA truly believe that we can add some value to how this Industry is operated currently and can pave the way for a positive change in the industry.


  • BELLEZZA's legendary jewelry is crafted by highly skilled artisans. From the moment the diamond is polished until the design is finished, each ring can take nearly 2-3 weeks to complete because the value customers like you in the world deserve the best craftsmanship.

  • How Craftsmanship Works??? Step by step Manufacturing process...
  1. 3D CAD Designing
    Convert the sketch into the graphical image with the proper  measurements and 3D CAD gives us the exact idea of how the jewelry will look when completed.

  2. Diamond Cutting & Polishing
    Next, we will cut & polish your forever one piece Moissanite Diamonds. This is the essential part of your diamond jewelry because diamonds tell everything about you.

  3. Wax & Casting Process
    Converting the CAD into the wax model, minor settings are done here. Wax has to be precise and healthy for the best quality of the casting. Once the wax model is ready a casting tree of several such wax models is made and then the casting is done. A quality check is done before setting the stones to avoid any defects in the jewelry here.

  4. Diamond Setting & Polishing
    Diamond setting and polishing of the jewelry is the last step toward the journey of jewelry manufacturing. It takes several human hours to precisely polish and set the stones which will hold the stones a lifetime.

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